Linnéa Björn, also known as BJOERN, grew up in two small villages in the middle of Sweden where sports and cross country skiing were the natural choices.

Linnéa has always headed for the topwithout any doubts in mind. But when the skiis were replaced by musicshe found her true calling, and she found a source of power and passion like never before.

The new passion took her to the songwriting programme ‘Musikmakarna’, where her first single ‘Why’ was born. Music became her everything, and got her to open up and on a new level, far away from the intricate athlete’s life. With a curious and rebellious way of combining tones and lyrics, her alt-pop music speaks to the deepest part of the listener.

Now, Linnéa has devoted herself fully to the music and has become a new upcoming star on the Nordic Music Sky. Her debut single ‘Why (2020) caught a lot of attention both in Sweden with a steady radio rotation, as well as internationally when superstar Tones and I handpicked the song as the only European finalist in her competition “That One song”.

Two more singles were released in 2020, and now BJOERN is planning for her EP release in spring 2021.

Apart from her own music, Linnéa creates magical atmoshperic music for film trailers, games, as well as songs for other artists.
She also has her own philosophical and artistic podcast called #HEARMETHINK where she questions and reflects on what values really matter in life. 

It’s honesttouching, and captivatingly beautiful. It’s BJOERN.