Molly Hammar



With three gold singles and widespread media support globally, Molly Hammar is making her way right to the top among the absolute elite of Scandinavian artists. 

Molly Hammar truly found her own sound with the release of her critically acclaimed EP ‘Sex’. 

Singing about female sexuality from a very personal perspective sparked Molly’s inspiration and helped her grow a fanbase of young girls who could relate to her message. 

Follow-up singles such as the Big Narstie collaboration ‘No Place Like Me’, pop banger ‘Words’, her soulful Kim Cesarion duet ‘Show Me’, radio ready hit tracks ‘Shortcuts’, ‘Alone‘ and ‘Get To Know Me First’ with Julie Began and AWA have enabled Molly to balance the perfect combination of kick ass R&B vocals and soulful beats, with a truly contemporary pop sound. 

Molly has been captivating audiences across Europe with her live shows. Her first packed out performance at Colours Hoxton was reviewed by UK tastemaker Alfitude as “one of the best showcases I’ve caught this year”. 

 In 2019 she performed at the Swedish Grammy Awards and the Swedish equivalent of The Oscar‘s. Last year Molly did the Swedish voice of Beyonce’s character Nala in ‘The Lion King’, and won Rockbjörnen “Breakthrough artist of 2020”.

Most recently, Hammar dropped the single ‘Douchebag’ together with a humorous yet powerful music video, commenting on sexist behaviours and speaking up for all the girls who have to endure the ridiculous behaviour of these “douchebags”. 

From selling out her first headline gigs, to continuously releasing hit after hit, it is clear that Molly Hammar is here to stay and the future could not look more bright for the 25-year old.