As one of Sweden’s biggest DJs and hits like “Made Of”, “Dynamite” and “Hungry hearts”, Nause has built an impressive catalogue, with over 300 million streams on Spotify.

The Swedish electro–house DJ had his breakthrough in 2011 with“Made Of”, and since then he has been a credible and big name with well–deserved nominations for the Swedish Grammy Award and P3 Guld.

Ever since, Nause has toured the world, played at many of the world’s most renowned clubs and at the same time he has continued to produce smashing singles and remixes with massive audience appeal.

“Dynamite” (2018) exploded on top of the charts, both in Sweden and globally, and now has over 122 Million streams itself, only on Spotify.

In 2019 Nause released the single “Can’t Erase” together with Rebecca and Fiona, which went straight to Sweden’s top 200. Last year the single From Now” was released, in a collaboration with the world’s biggest gaming network ESL.

This year Nause, together with Pretty Sister, released the groovy single “Crystal Vision (feat. Middle Milk)”, once again proving top-notch music producing skills, and we sure hope the music never stops.